Fingerprints is an independent, creatively led ad-agency that creates strong relationships between companies and their customers. See what we do.

Each one is unique. Identifiable. Remarkable. Pointing a finger at a brand that dares, not just to think differently. but DO differently. Every piece of our creative work is crafted with passion driven by inspiration. Every layout, line and suggestion is tailored to the client's need, and fashioned, not just to communicate, but to set our client brands apart from the rest.

We are Fingerprints, a creative studio and branding agency based in Chennai, India. Our business-driven design spans advertising, branding, online and multimedia needs. From Music to Food, Construction, Clothing, Health, Financial, Charities and Investment, our brands rely on us to deliver solutions that not only push brand messages but pull consumers in. We're ready to leave our print on the world. And each one, we promise, will be unique.

In order to stay a step ahead of evolving times and peers, brands need to be dynamic and remain constantly aspirational, yet achievable. Good design is successful when it foresees changing desires. An insight into the future helps translate these messages into clear, precise and truthful strategies for unique and desirable expression.